Search Engine Optimization

Tired of working on your website and nobody seeing it? You need a good SEO strategy.

This acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization and its Spanish translation would be search engine optimization. It consists of a series of good practices to improve our position in search engines.

My path in web development has led me to perfect skills to handle many of the elements that need to be considered in SEO.

This discipline has changed over the years. Today a lot of knowledge and tools are required to be able to position a website. And although we never get to know all the mysteries contained in the algorithms, years and experience always light the way.

I’m sure I can help your company have more visibility on the Internet and therefore more traffic and higher sales.

Here you will find updated and interesting topics on SEO strategies.

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29/07/19 WordPress Media Library: the treasure of your website

Media library
the treasure
of your website

The WordPress Media Library is the place where we store multimedia elements and then add them to our content. It is a very valuable space, so we must know it ...

01/05/19 Google Analytics: 12 data provided by the Main Page

Google Analytics: 12 data provided by the Main Page

Google Analytics is a Google tool that analyzes the visits to our website. If you are using it you will know how it works and how useful it is. If ...

10/02/19 WordPress with Yoast Seo: To improve your content in 2019

with Yoast Seo
To improve
your content
in 2019

WordPress with Yoast Seo is the ideal combination to position any website. If you are one of those who write and write and do not see results, surely you do ...

09/01/19 Rich Snippets: increase your clicks

Rich Snippet:
increase your clicks

Rich Snippets, are those that appear below the search results in order to inform users about the content of the page. The Rich Snippets appeared in May 2009 due to ...

07/01/19 Gutemberg. WordPress & Yoast SEO working together

Wordpress & Yoast SEO
working together

Wordpress Yoast SEO have worked together in the creation of the new editor called Gutenberg. On December 6, 2018 was launched WordPress 5.0 and with it this new editing system. ...

03/01/19 Website and positioning to stand out on the Internet

Website and
positioning to stand out
on the Internet

Website and positioning are two concepts that go together. They are essential tools in a good marketing plan. If you have a company that sells products or services you must ...

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