Content marketing: 6 benefits for your website

6 benefits for
your website

Content marketing is an essential tool to achieve successful websites. Surely you have heard that “content is king”. Today more than ever this phrase is applied in all its dimension.


1. Value content shows the prestige of your brand.

Consumers want to know they are dealing with experts. Content marketing allows your brand to demonstrate its expertise. At the same time it provides valuable knowledge that can help readers make a more informed purchasing decision.

Every time you make a new page post, technical document or other piece of content, you’re showing customers your ability in those areas.

When it’s time to make a purchase, consumers will remember the brand that gave them the information they needed to better understand their concerns.

Between a website without information and one that provides relevant content for users, there is no doubt that users will opt for the latter.

2. Builds trust in the company

That choice of potential customers is a result that is achieved through the creation of trust.

When consumers read your content, they adopt an idea about your business. The more value you can provide the easier it will be to build trust with the target audience.

The creation of personalized content, which provides value to the potential customer, generates goodwill towards the company.

3. Increases conversions

Let’s bear in mind that converting means that the user performs the action you expect on your website. This can be: make a purchase, get more information, contact your sales team, subscribe to a newsletter, participate in a contest, and so on.

Content marketing can significantly increase the conversion rate. These are much higher than in other digital marketing strategies.

For example, some research reveals that in the US 61% of those who read reviews on a blog decided to make a purchase.

As we can see, this is not a minor figure. Therefore, we must conclude that content marketing is a fundamental tool for companies.

4. Optimized content improves positioning

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process aimed at improving the visibility of a website in the organic results of different search engines.

Content has a special importance in SEO strategies. But not any content is suitable for positioning a website in the first places of the SERP. It must be optimized, ie meet certain requirements for the search engine to interpret the information, contain the appropriate keywords, organized according to certain parameters, contain links, have a structure and a syntax readable by the user.

It must also add value and show uniqueness among other requirements. If you have a correctly optimized content you will be able to appear in the first places of the search engine. This translates into more views and ultimately higher sales.

5. It is an effective tool with lower costs

Consider that content marketing strategies, with less money, produce higher conversions. In addition, over time it becomes more effective than paid search ads.

It is important to bear in mind that in projects that use SEM, we must pay for each visit. This differentiates it from the SEO that seeks to position a website through certain strategies, one of which is the content. Although we must point out that this may require a little more time.

6. Strengthens the relationship with customers

Previously, we analyzed how content is an integral part of building trust and establishing a positive brand reputation. This can help you increase your audience and reach new potential customers.

But we must also consider regular customers. Surely they represent a significant part of your company’s revenue. Then you must find ways to strengthen your relationships with them.

Content marketing that provides value to your customer base will help increase brand loyalty by strengthening the relationships you have with customers. This can encourage repeat sales and help you establish powerful brand advocates.

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