Free hosting and domain: A bad decision for your website

Free hosting
A bad decision
for your

Free hosting and domain is not a good choice when we start our web project. Here I bring you information to decide the best for the development of your personal brand or company on the Internet.

First we must have a domain.

But, what is the domain? The domain is the name of your website, is unique and exclusive for example https://nicowebsite.com/. The most requested domains have the extensions .com, .org or .net. In addition, depending on the country you are in, the corresponding extension for each one, such as .es for Spain, .us for the USA or .uy for Uruguay.

In second term we must contract a hosting.

And, what is hosting? It is the place where the files of your web page will be stored. Imagine that your website is a car, well… the hosting is the garage where you have to park your car. That’s why it’s so important to have a good service, otherwise your website won’t live in a safe place.

Why avoid free hosting and domain?

Free domains

With respect to this type of domains it is practically unanimous the position that they are not convenient. There are several reasons why you should not use a free domain, but I will indicate the 3 most important:

  • They do not provide security

The vast majority of free domains, such as .tk, are distributed through platforms that ask you to accept advertising to use them.

In addition to the fact that advertising is very annoying for your website, it is also a method of distributing malware. Advertising is inserted through javascript and can include any type of malicious software.

Of course… but there are many serious platforms that work with javascript to do this kind of thing (Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, etc.). However, we must pay attention to the reports developed by Antiphishing Working Group which indicate that it is one of the domain extensions with the highest malware transfer rate.

  • Difficult web positioning

The domains .com, .net and .org always get more attention from search engines. This may seem a bit mythical. There are many who will say that is not so, but with the years I have verified that it is real. And in the absence of documentation to prove it, I prefer to apply a little faith and stay with such domains.

  • They don’t give a good image

When you send yourself personal cards, how do you prefer it to be printed? on a simple paper or a good quality cardboard with matt laminate. Well… this is similar. From my point of view the .com domain represents by far good quality, and I think the rest of the world sees it the same way.

When you want to develop the digital version of your business, this domain will be very important and it will have to comply with some characteristics in order to have a positive impact and one of them is the extension.

For this reason it is preferable to spend about USD 20 and give my company the corporate image it deserves to provide a quality impression.

Free Hostings

I am convinced that for any activity that you plan to undertake, or that you are already developing, it is also important that your website is hosted in a paid hosting.

And you will be thinking: – Why? If currently there are many other services on the Internet that are free and very good. Because the free hosting of my website would be the exception?

There are several reasons that lead me to choose a paid service and I will review them.

  • You do not own your site

In general whoever contracts a free hosting is only allowed to use a subdomain for your website. The name of the provider will appear in your address which takes away prestige to your brand. In addition to not having control over your page you are subject to the ups and downs of the company that hosts the page.

  • You receive publicity without control

The server reserves the right to install advertising on your page which makes it very difficult to read or view the content. You will have to support banners that will appear without control. This will undoubtedly be a factor of rejection on the part of your visitors. This is a very dangerous practice because it can affect the security of your site and also that of the users who visit you.

  • Few tools

Almost all servers that offer this service have very few functionalities. For example, we must work without PHPMyAdmin or the PHP mail function that allows us to send emails through a contact form, with the inconveniences that this can generate.

  • Lack of support

Companies that offer free hosting do not offer support and this is essential for your work. If your page crashes or there is a problem, you will have to use your knowledge to solve it. On the other hand, if you pay a company to host your website, you always have 24-hour support to help you with any inconvenience that may arise.

  • Limited bandwidth

Its bandwidth is limited so if visitors exceed that space you will begin to have system failures. And in these cases as I said before, you won’t have anyone to help you. This is logical because being a free service companies try to put the maximum amount of web in the least amount of servers.

Opinions about free hosting

I add you here some opinions of referents in the topic, that do not advise this type of plans.

“Paid hostings are, without a doubt, the best choice to host a serious project: you don’t have those limitations, they are faster, they have better support,…”. Romuald Fons

“Although there are scenarios in which using free hosting is a suitable option, for most cases it simply isn’t, its limitations are too severe. In fact, the free hostings themselves usually warn you about it.” Berto López from Ciudadano 2.0

“Cheap is expensive, the saying goes, and it’s true. Free hosting can be a real problem for your website.” Hostname

“On the other hand, if you already know that you want a professional website for both your brand or business, you can not have your website in a free hosting, the option whether or if it is a paid hosting … ” Creativosblog.com

Costs of paid hosting services

In reality the costs of a paid service are not very high. For example I offer a variety of plans ranging from USD 75 to USD 250 per year. We are talking about a minimum of USD 6.25 per month which is really not much if we want to grow our business on the Internet.

Personally I have traveled several hosting companies to hire the perfect package, and really that package is never perfect.

As a result of positive and negative experiences I have managed to settle my hosting service, with personalized advice in Hostgator and SiteGround.

They are fully controlled, have a good response speed and something very important, have 24 hour support. It is not a big investment when we want to have security and guarantee.

I want to clarify that I do not carry a single burden if you hire any of them, simply are the services that have adapted to my work profile and the services I offer.

But I reiterate that the prices are very variable depending on the type of services offered. Here are some examples.

Hosting companies by country

Hosting in Uruguay

I want Hosting from $1.99 to $6.99 per month

Net Uy : from 6 to 65 dollars per month

Montevideo.com from 4.43 to 14.50 dollars per month

Don Web: 1.699 pesos per year

Hosting in Brasil

Neothek de 49 a 85 dólares per year

Dongee R 132 a R 792 per year

Hosting in Spain

Webcompany 80 euros per year

Site Ground from 3,95 to 11,95 euros per month

Raiola Networks from $5.95 to $11.95 per month

Hosting in USA

HostGator 2.75 to $5.95 per month

Bluehost from $3.95 per month

Justhost from 2,49 per month

Because I decided on HostGator and Siteground

I don’t really want to say that these two hosting companies are the best, I could even highlight some weak points of each one, since as I mentioned before, none is perfect. However, with them I have managed to carry out solid and lasting projects.

Advantages of Hosgator

  • HostGator.com is an award-winning web host and one of the 10 largest web hosting companies in the world. It is located in the USA.
  • It provides unmeasured disk space and bandwidth. Therefore it does not limit the amount or size of web files.
  • It has a very easy to use control panel (cPanel)
  • Allows you to include an unlimited number of email addresses.
  • You have daily technical support via email, LiveChat, and phone.
  • Its price averages USD 70

Site Ground Advantages

  • Ultra-fast sites. According to their creators, they blow up your website. This is due to the servers running on SSD and PHP 7 disks with OpCache. They also offer static caching and a free CDN service to improve web performance.
  • It provides important security tools, which keep your data safe and makes daily backups.
  • Ease of management through a Cpanel with lots of tools.
  • Unlimited number of email accounts
  • Very good support and even in Spanish
  • Its price averages USD 150

(the information in this article on hosting prices corresponds to February 2019)

WordPress.com Hosting

Free hosting is particularly inconvenient for WordPress because of the structure of this platform.

But there is the possibility of creating a website without paying in WordPress.com. If you are just starting to venture into the universe of Internert and still do not have resources this option is ideal for you.

Here you won’t have your domain either because you will share the company’s domain. In other words, your website would look like this: http://plantasdeinvierno.wordpress.com , but this website of WordPress is certainly much better than any free hosting. It allows more traffic and gives you more security.

My conclusion

If you want your website to be stable and become a growth tool for your company, you must spend some money. Consider that this is an investment that will give you the best place for your precious website to be hosted 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Otherwise your beautiful project will be living on the street and there anything can happen to it.

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