Rich Snippets: increase your clicks

Rich Snippet:
increase your clicks

Rich Snippets, are those that appear below the search results in order to inform users about the content of the page.

The Rich Snippets appeared in May 2009 due to the need to show more data to the user and to enrich the search results pages.

Custom search uses this information to create snippets of results that enhance the user experience. Rich snippets add visual context and help Google understand the meaning and intent of web pages.

Google typically displays the title in blue, the URL in green, and a description of what the page is about. This is what we call the fragment.

Instead, the Rich Snippets shows additional information between the URL and the description and will look like this.

Rich Snippet: increase your clicks
Rich Snippet: increase your clicks

In addition to offering a more attractive format for users, Rich Snippets allow the search engine to identify information more efficiently.

Google can display rich snippets by adding structured data to the web. Structured data is a piece of code in a specific format, written in such a way that search engines understand it. Search engines read the code and use it to create rich fragments.

Different content that Rich Snippet can use

These are just some of the contents that can use these fragments.

  • Ratings: The use of opinions and ratings from other users has become widespread. Without a doubt, a product is much more attractive when someone gives a positive opinion. This is why companies have adopted its use and resort today more than before to its use. They also appear as a 5-star design.
  • Videos: People are much more receptive to dynamic content such as video. So if in addition to the title and description you add a video this will catch the interest of visitors.
  • News: Those who have news companies cannot do without the enriched fragments. You can add the headline, image, time of publication, etc.
  • Location: For companies it is essential to have a Google My Business page. It can include a lot of information and configure company features. When potential customers look for your business on Google, they’ll find a lot of useful information.
  • Recipes: Food enters through the eyes. If we add a colorful image to our recipes, it leads us to awaken different sensations that will catch the user’s attention much more.
  • Events: Search engines can display events directly in search results.

Why the Rich Snippets are important for SEO

Because it indirectly favors your Google ranking. These fragments stand out from others, look much better and provide a lot of information. You can immediately know if other people liked the product as well as business details etc. As a consequence they have a higher click rate. There is no doubt that we are all much more attracted to this visual experience.

If the click rate of a fragment increases, you will get more traffic from that search result. Not because your position in the search engine has changed, but simply because more people click on your result.

As more clicks are generated, Google’s RankBrain algorithm will re-evaluate the value of the page for users and it is quite possible that it will reward you with a higher organic ranking in the search. Then we can say that enriched fragments effectively improve, indirectly, the positioning of your website.

Benefits of enriched fragments

  • Indexing is simpler in search engines, as they bring more understandable data to the search engine.
  • It has a clearer visual presentation of the information, which allows the result to stand out from traditional listings.
  • It is more relevant for users, as more elements are provided.
  • Click rates are higher and rebound rates lower. According to Neil Patel in his blog, studies show that having a rich fragment can increase click rates (CTR) by 677% and overall 20-40% more traffic.
  • Favorable mobile search results for some topics such as restaurants, recipes, movies etc..
  • It facilitates for example the reservation of plane tickets, a place in a restaurant, movie tickets etc.
  • Improves engagement. Using Rich Snippets also benefits your branding and brand identity. Their use projects a more professional image and generates trust.

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