Website and positioning to stand out on the Internet

Website and positioning to stand out on the Internet

Website and positioning are two concepts that go together. They are essential tools in a good marketing plan.

If you have a company that sells products or services you must have a website. It is customary to say that “If you are not on the Internet do not exist” and this is very true. Let’s not forget that the competition strives to have presence, and if your company does not appear the others will. This means that your potential customers will turn into other websites.

But it is not enough to have a website, but it must be optimized to rank in the top of the SERP. The SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is the results page of a search engine.

The objective of the company with its website is to appear in the first search results when a user makes a query. Have online visibility so that users looking for what you sell find you, and more importantly, buy from you. This is achieved with SEO strategies and tools. The positioning of the web depends on it.

SEO is a discipline that has changed over the years. Today a lot of knowledge and tools are required to be able to position a website. In addition, it is very necessary for the developer to keep up to date. Because permanently there are changes in the Google algorithm that force us to reformulate our strategies.

Web and positioning: Important elements

A website must have a good design, which catches, but must also consider other elements of vital importance. Here I mention only some of them.

1. Architecture of the page

Navigation levels must be established that allow a good user experience. Also in the structure of the web must take into account the contents and categories to have an optimized website.

2. Loading speed

All Internet users like that when we open a page this load quickly. If it doesn’t, we simply go to another one. In addition Google detects this situation and if the speed is not adequate we will not appear in the first places. In order to do this, a series of techniques are applied to the code and also to the content that allow us to increase the loading speed of our website.

3. Optimization of labels

It is essential that the title and description are well optimized because they are what the search engine shows. The title, the url and the meta description must contemplate certain requirements for the optimal functioning of the Website and positioning

4. That it is responsive

This means that it can be adapted to any desktop, tablet or mobile format. Searches via mobile or tablet is increasing therefore Google requires that the web is responsive to rank in the top positions.

5. Images and optimized content

Of course the content and images must also be optimized. It is very important the choice of keywords, their use in the texts as well as the work we do in editing the images.


In short, for the creation of a successful website it is not enough to have a good design and the information you want to include there. But there is a technical work on the website and positioning that is necessary. If not, it would be enough to make a website on platforms that offer free service and ready. But if you want to compete with others requires a professional job.

Having a website requires considering the elements mentioned among many others. And all as a whole are the ones that make the positioning of the web reach the first places.

Your expectation can be oriented to a commercial or institutional page; a landing page or a blog; informative or educational; dynamic or static; etc. In any of the options, what you are looking for is for users to find it and carry out the conversion you expect there. So website and positioning go hand in hand and success depends on both concepts being present in your marketing strategy.

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