Gutemberg. WordPress & Yoast SEO working together

Gutemberg. WordPress & Yoast SEO working together

WordPress Yoast SEO have worked together in the creation of the new editor called Gutenberg. On December 6, 2018 was launched WordPress 5.0 and with it this new editing system.

It is a block-based environment. And it constitutes the first stage of a strategy that has three phases that are as follows.

First, WordPress will get a renewed block editor, in the second part the project will focus on page templates, and in the final stage, WordPress will become a complete site customizer.

This will provide incredible tools and will surely keep WordPress as the number one CMS for years to come. The format is no longer the same, now, with the new addition of WordPress and Yoast SEO we have a very clean space with a great typography.

Since every change generates resistance, even more so when we thought that the previous editor worked very well. However, the company explains that this innovation was necessary to prepare for and adapt to what is to come in the future.

Now you can build your content exactly as if you were a LEGO: everything from a box, following a standardized and simple set of instructions.

The block concept makes it easy to determine each part of the content. Not only that, you can also define their specifications. Thus, for example, it offers the possibility of converting a single line of text into a quotation by changing its block type.

It also allows you to change the type of quotation, its location, the decoration of the text, etc. WordPress Yoast SEO have done a great job with block creation.

Blocks have several objectives

  • Paragraphs
  • Liza
  • Dating
  • Headers
  • Code
  • Pictures
  • Galleries
  • Short Codes
  • Columns
  • Buttons
  • Widgets
  • And great variety of incrustations

Each can have its own design, configuration, and also save them as reusable blocks.

Reusable blocks

One of the best innovations brought by the new WordPress editor are reusable blocks. This is a complete block that is saved along with the configuration. Any design can be stored. After that, just go to Add block -> Reusable and you’re done.

Yoast SEO y Gutenberg

Yoast developers have helped improve the new editor and maintain their presence in Gutenberg, with the incredible advantages that that means. Remember that Yoast SEO is the WordPress plugin that helps you set up SEO.
Let’s keep in mind that Yoast is essential to optimize our content. The fact that both companies, WordPress -Yoast SEO, have worked together on the new editor certainly guarantees the result.

Source: Yoast SEO

Images: : FreepikPixabay

Translation: Deepl


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