Your company’s web project. Where to start?

Your company’s web project. Where to start?

Your company’s web project translates into the creation of a web page that gives you visibility, traffic and most importantly: customers. Where to start? It is a question that naturally arises when you have made the decision to have a presence on the Internet. 

If you have the necessary knowledge to do so, congratulations! There is also a lot of online information about web projects.

You will often see blogs or specialized sites that tell you “you can do it yourself”, “it’s very easy”. But don’t believe these statements because they are far from reality.

They tell you how to create a website step by step, or how to create a professional website, but when you are in front of your computer and want to apply their advice are more doubts than successes.

No platform is easy to use, you will always need knowledge of programming, design, positioning among others, to scale in the search engine and make your site profitable.

If you have training it is fantastic! Now, if you don’t like programming, designing and monitoring, or you just don’t have time for it, you should look for someone to do it.

To facilitate the beginning of this process I will leave you some orientations.

First steps to start your web project

1. Hire a Technician or an Agency

In fact, both the Agencies and the Web Developers can offer you a good service. Always check the portfolio to see if the level of their work is what you are looking for.

In general, Agencies have higher costs because they have a greater infrastructure. Perhaps their services are appropriate in cases of very large companies that require multiple functions, such as an online store with thousands of products.

But if your firm is not of these dimensions, hiring a free lance Web Developer is a wise decision for your web project. Nowadays it is very common to find technicians with the necessary training to provide a comprehensive service.

In my case, for example, I have training and experience in design, programming and maintenance, so it is not difficult for me to assume all the stages of creating a site.  

2. Don’t look for the lowest prices

Like everything else in terms of services there are different types of offers, but it is not advisable to choose the cheapest.

Moreover, developing a web project is an arduous task that requires a lot of dedication, creativity and knowledge. These are the elements that guarantee a good result. And nobody gives away their work.

So don’t rely on tempting offers, because in the end, when you are forced to hire accessory services to achieve your goals, it will cost you more.

You must understand that both the creation of your brand on the Internet and the creation of a website must take into account several aspects. These are generally not included in those projects that want to sell you at a ridiculous cost and what’s worse: they don’t inform you.  

In most cases the person who is going to start their website has no idea how much that digital enterprise should involve. Then services are omitted. But when he needs them he realizes that he has a half-hearted project, and it is very likely that he has wasted his money.

In the course of the years I have seen several cases of this type that I could cite, but here I left you only some examples that are very illustrative.

🔺 Case 1

I was once approached by a person who already had a website and had never had an email account set up. I ordered it and asked him to send me the access credentials to his hosting to create a mailbox, and then configure it in a mail client of his preference.

It turns out that the hosting had no email service, incredible but true. 😲

Now he had to pay me to migrate to a decent hosting and get his mailbox. All this was the inevitable consequence of hiring low-cost services.

🔺 Case 2

Another person calls me and tells me ¨Nicolás…I broke the site and the developer who made me the web can not fix it, you can see that sucedió¨.

Well, I’m getting ready to enter your server and review the situation. It was a website developed with WordPress.

At this point I must emphasize that I am a lover of this great framework. But as Uncle Ben told Peter Parker ¨Un great power comes with a great responsabilidad¨.

Yes, WordPress is fantastic, but it is a system that should be closely monitored and at least once a year make an update of all the software inside (core, plugins and themes).

Due to the lack of update this website had been infected. A MySql injection introduced into its database a script that, in addition to breaking the site, redirected traffic to other websites.

In this case, the developer who made the website did not inform his client of the need to include a backup system and configure a security system in his web project to avoid that situation. 

Now… it is logical that these tasks are not included when the budget is low, since they are accessory works that take time. But when your website is destroyed, you’ll wish you’d paid for them.

But back to the case, in the end I had to develop a new website. And my client ended up spending more money than he could have invested if, from the beginning, he had considered a serious proposal.

Conclusion: if you want a WordPress website, you must pay attention to it. It requires a lot of affection and permanent care. It is certain that a very economic service offer will not take into account these cares and will put your web project at risk.

🔺 Case 3

A friend came up with the good idea to develop his website on Wix, the online platform with which you create a website in 5 minutes… hahahaha.

He took several days to build a website himself. He is not a designer, nor a web developer, therefore, he had no idea of design patterns, nor programming.

By virtue of that inflammable combination, his website was not only horrible, but it failed to do what he needed. My friend wanted a blog and therefore needed a search bar, but WIX didn’t have this functionality.

He just considered that it was a free service and thought it would be very easy to start his page this way. But he didn’t take into account that these websites generate a very dirty code that negatively impacts positioning. He also did not consider that as he was not the owner of his database, he could never migrate his website to another server.

Conclusion: He never managed to create his page correctly and had to abandon that project. I developed his website with which he is currently receiving profits from its online traffic that has generated numerous new customers. But to get there he had to invest money.

3. Ensuring good communication

The relationship between the parties is fundamental to the success of your web project. Is of fundamental importance the communication established between the technician and the client

Have a first interview to see if they understand what you want. The person who will develop your website must understand well what your expectations are. It is the first step in this process.

I also advise you to be open to the suggestions they give you, even if they modify your initial plans. Sometimes those ideas that seem wonderful, need to be adapted for the site to position well and the investment becomes profitable.

If they suggest changes, consider them as a good contribution for your project to be successful.

4. Agree to include the service

From the outset it is important that it is clear to both parties that the service includes. Because a One Page or Landing Page is not the same as a static website, or a dynamic website, or a website with a shopping cart.

All these options have big differences and therefore different costs. In addition it can happen that your project is not one of these specific options, but a combination of some of them and so the budget also changes.

Before approving a budget you should ask yourself the following questions:

– Who is responsible for hosting? Here you must consider that, if he is the developer, you will always be able to turn to him in case of any problem.

– Is the developer the one who configures the email boxes? How many boxes does the budget include?

– Who will do the Google Analytics integration if necessary?

– Does the developer have a maintenance service and will he be available to answer?

– Does it include the integration of an SSL certificate if necessary?

– Does the budget include a backup system, security measures, SEO service? If not, what would be the cost of including these services?

– How is the payment method?

5. Select the server and domain name

The server, the hosting and the domain are the pillars of your page. Because for it to be visible online it must be hosted on a server under a domain name.

Web hosting is a task that is generally assumed by the technician, but nothing prevents the client from doing it.

For its part the domain name will constitute the identity of your site and is an essential element.

No doubt the developer will guide you as to the convenience or not of a particular name but the final decision will be yours. It is not an easy task, you will not always find the name you had in mind, but the domain provider will give you similar alternatives in that case.

I advise you to see my publication that will help you to make the most convenient decisions regarding this topic.

6. Define the structure of the website and its contents 

The structure of the page is one of the fundamental points to elucidate in order to start our web project.

The header, menu, body and footer must be well defined. For that it is very important that you transmit with precision which elements you want to include. For example: Home, About us, Services, Contact, etc.

As far as the contents are concerned, it must be borne in mind that no technician can create a good product if he or she does not have the appropriate inputs. Therefore, prepare the texts, images, videos and any other material that interests you to include in your website.

It is possible that you already have them or maybe you will make them yourself. But keep in mind that the contents of a site must be of very good quality and provide valuable information. That’s why it’s often a good idea to hire a content expert to do it.

Is it worth developing a web project if your company is small?

proyecto web pequeña empresa

Of course it is! In this site we already talked about the advantages of having a website.

In short, we said that: investment in advertising decreases, facilitates access to customers, gives you the opportunity to analyze users, the market where you operate becomes global and also generates trust. These are just some of the benefits, check out the related article that will allow you to get more information.

I have a client who started with a simple website to offer his economist services.  We created it in a very conventional way but with a lot of content and relevant information for users.

After six or seven months your services began to be required from different countries around the world, and incredibly today your study has become a benchmark for many countries in the region.

Imagine what it will be like to increase the size of your business and manage thousands of potentials interested in the products or services you offer. Although it is not something that is achieved overnight, I assure you that with the necessary strategies, you will gradually multiply your sales.

Any company, regardless of its size, has to seriously consider its presence on the Internet. Nowadays, the website is the engine that drives the success of a company, whatever its size.

When you make the decision to develop a web project analyze this article. If after reading it you have any doubts, contact me, it will be a pleasure to guide you.

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